Do you believe serial killers should be put to death? Do you think that you freely decided what you ate for breakfast this morning? Do you know that your car is where you left it last? Are you willing to bet money on the location of your car?

Answers to philosophcially relevant questions such as these are argued to be important to what it means to understand ourselves, others, and what it means to be human. For centuries, philosophers have argued that these beliefs form a cornerstone of human life, and that importance helps justify their substantial and prolonged study.

A casual glance at the world indicates that philosophical disagreements are deep, entrenched, and pervasive. What can account for these heated debates and important consequences? 

Philosophicalcharacter.org is part of an effort to help answer this question. It takes seriously the claim that philosophical beliefs are important and have practical consequences. It also takes seriously the depth of disagreement. Part of the goal is to help inform people of their own philosophical preferences and inclinations, help predict outcomes associated with those preferences, and help overcome or identify sources of those disagreements. 

Philosophicalcharacter.org is a non-profit, university-based project designed to help increase awareness of philosophical beliefs and their real-world implications. This site features the Philosophical Character Test and other interactive content, offering automated scoring and feedback.